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Real work, real life: Miuccia Prada transforms uniforms into exquisite garments

Miuccia Prada, a fashion designer and businesswoman, is known for her unconventional and thought-provoking designs. In this case, it seems that she has used the nurses’ uniforms as a symbol of care and healing in a world that is currently facing many political and social challenges. 카지노사이트

The use of a uniform, especially one that is associated with a profession like nursing, can be seen as a way to communicate a message of unity and solidarity. It is also worth noting that nurses have played a critical role during the COVID-19 pandemic, and their work and sacrifice have been recognized and appreciated by many.

By showcasing the nurses’ uniforms on the catwalk at Milan fashion week, Prada is highlighting the importance of care and compassion in our society. This can be seen as a political statement in the sense that it challenges the dominant values and priorities of our world, which often prioritize profit and individualism over community and empathy.

Overall, it seems that Prada’s show is a reflection of her vision and values as a designer, and it is an invitation for us to reflect on the role of fashion in shaping our cultural and political landscape.

Milan’s ready-to-wear collection is enriched with details and references to haute couture and behind-the-scenes tailoring that the show was “very much about politics”.

Prada and co-creator Raf Simons said they wanted to “use real professions” by creating elegant and beautiful interpretations of working-class uniforms, which they described as “tailored representations of the beauty of attention, the love of responsibility”.

“There’s a perception in fashion that everything is glamorous — I hate it, I’ve always fought against it,” Prada said. “As for me, I’m very down to earth right now for political reasons. I’m interested in small jobs.

While the strikes made headlines across Europe, Workers’ Day had undeniable symbolism. Prada, who earned her doctorate in political science before becoming a fashion designer, was at one time a member of the Italian Communist Party.

For the crowd of teenagers who gathered in front of the concert hall on Thursday.

The biggest novelty was the presence of Chinese singer-songwriter Cai Xukun, better known by his stage name Kun, and South Korean pop star Jeon Somi, who were greeted with a deafening roar Welcome. cries. After the show, Prada and Simons posed for photos with Kun, whose platinum blonde Justin Bieber hair framed oversized black Prada sunglasses, before Simons steered the conversation to “real people, real jobs, real life .” The designer said the ivory white embroidered satin skirts that opened the show used fabrics and techniques from wedding dresses to elevate the traditional nurse’s wardrobe and “give her more meaning”. The first six looks of the show consisted of straight white skirts worn with simple gray and navy blue sweaters.

The shirts were white or khaki, had practical front pockets, and were buttoned tight to the neck.

Black patent leather shoes and handbags in traditional Toblerone shapes added a utilitarian vibe. But refined details and haute couture references — exaggerated stitching on flats, pleats at the back of a coat for a more glamorous silhouette — have subtly recalibrated the pieces’ status. Ordinary clothing has become sophisticated. The applause at the end of the show was thunderous. “He’s just a genius,” said actress Sienna Miller, watching her from the front row.”I don’t think there are enough superlatives for what [Prada] is doing. 온라인카지노사이트

Once you wear it, the tailoring is just… outrageous, you know? I want to wear everything on this show.” It’s been three years since Simons joined Prada as co-creative director, leading their brand. The unconventional deal was interpreted by many in the fashion industry as a transfer window that allowed Prada, now 73, to finish second.

In November, Simons shut down his eponymous brand, which he also designs, fueling speculation of an impending retirement announcement. But ahead of the show, she told Womenswear Daily that those rumors were “completely false” and that the partnership with Prada remains strong, adding that the reasons behind her brand’s closure are “very personal.” I want more from see my parents and my darling and my friends.

According to Simons, the two co-creators “agree 99-95% of the time.”

“It comes together so naturally. Sometimes it amazes me more how much we agree and how much we have in common. The only point of contention is that Simons likes to listen to music during fittings, while Prada prefers silence. “It’s great because now she only wears it when the girl is walking. But after you close it,” Prada said.

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